Here are some FAQs

How do I schedule a delivery? The best way to schedule a delivery is to text your address and the best day and time and any special product request to 317-414-3262 you can see our products and prices at

When is the best time to schedule a delivery? The best time to schedule a delivery is Early (May 28-June 30th) there is only one delivery vehicle and we have limited stock. Most people tend to wait until the 4th of July before they think about fireworks (don’t be one of these people please) If you wait there will be little to no delivery windows available and its more likely that we will be sold out of our best sellers and not ability to get more

Where do you deliver? Our route is larger in the month of June than it is starting July 1st. May 28-June 30th we go up to 1.5 hours from downtown Indianapolis in any direction. After July 1st we only deliver to Indianapolis and surrounding counties maximum 45-50 Minutes from Downtown Indy

What methods of payment do you take? CASH CASH CASH is preferred in order to keep cost down so we can pass the savings on to you. We do take credit cards and will accept a check from regular vetted customers (we know where you live and will come to collect on any returned checks 🙂 

Is your pricing the same in your store as it is on deliveries? No our delivery customers get a much lower price than our store customers. Why? because we have a relationship with our delivery customers and our delivery service has been going strong for 20 years. The way this business was built was by offering great products at no haggle fair prices, great customer service and convenience and we intend to keep it that way.

Can we buy from your store at the delivery discount prices? Yes, you can but please be discreet the store has more overhead therefore we need to get higher prices from those customers so if you walk in the door broadcasting loudly that you get a deal then it can be really uncomfortable. Pick out your items and let the cashier know that you get truck pricing. If the cashier is busy with customers they can not walk around and give you the discount price on every item that you ask about so the best way to know the truck price is to go to and search for the item. If the cashier is not busy with other customers they will be happy to help but remember you still need to be discreet

Are all items in the store available at truck prices? No, some items especially small or specialty items will only be in the store with store prices so please do not ask for a discount on them

Locations & Hours

7612 Pendelton Pike Indianapolis, Indiana

3772 S. East St. Indianapolis, Indiana

Hours Monday _Thursday 12pm- 10 Pm

Friday_ Sunday 10am – 10pm

July 2nd 10am -1am

July 3rd 10am -1am

July 4th 10am -1am